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Card printer and thermal printer cleaning guide


Card printer and thermal printer cleaning guide


The thermal printer is printed by heating the coating on the label paper or the ink on the melted ribbon. It is easy to leave contaminants on the thermal printer, which leads to the unclear printing of some areas. Card printer in the printing process will remain some ink, residue in the transfer wheel, cleaning wheel, resulting in poor printing quality. Therefore, regular cleaning of thermal printer, card printer can not only prolong the life of the printer, but also improve the quality of printing. In the face of an array of card printers, thermal printer models, if you are confused about how to choose cleaning products, then this article will help you. Several categories of common printer cleaning products are described below.


1. Cleaning card can be divided into card printer cleaning card and thermal printer cleaning card according to the purpose. Card printer cleaning card contains CR80 cleaning card, long card (T or rectangle) .CR80 cleaning card can be used for all card printers and ATM,POS. The long card should be based on the printer model to select the corresponding size. For example, the size of zebra P330i's T-shaped card is 0.711mm. Thermal printer cleaning card is relatively thin, soft, can be used to clean thermal printer head. The selection is based mainly on the width of the thermosensitive print head. Similarly, as long as the size matches, this cleaning card also applies to money counter, check scanner.


2. Some card printers have dust wheels, used to clean blank cards before printing. With a certain number of cards printed over time, the stickiness of the dust wheel will decrease, and a new dust wheel will need to be replaced. The adhesive card is mainly used to clean the dust on the transfer wheel and the sticky wheel. Dust card and dust wheel are only suitable for card printer, according to the printer model to select the corresponding size.


3. Clean cotton swabs, clean pens and cleaning pens are mainly used to clean card printer and thermal printer print head, suitable for all thermal printers. The clean cotton swabs are disposable and can be used several times. If you feel the pen is too dirty, you can use it with a new pen.


4. Clean cloth cleaning cloth is mainly used for printer shell, transmission wheel and other large area wipe. Of course, according to personal preference, can also be used to clean heat sensitive print head, it is important to note that before using clean cloth to wipe the print head, make sure that the printer is out of power, otherwise, it may lead to the risk of shock.


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